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Committed to the Cause



Trustee, TLMC

Experienced, trustworthy, fun. These are just a few of the ways people describe our Trustee, and founder for the vision we work toward at Tallahassee Live Music Community Charity Group, Inc. Chris Godwin is truly a joy to be around and makes it a pleasure to come to work every single day. His experience in the music industry, live performance industry, recording, sound, songwriting and performing, together with his passion for troubled youth in our community make him invaluable to our organization and execution of our mission. Chris Godwin has made the mission of this organization his life goal, and will stop at nothing to bring it to fruition.



Executive Director, TLMC

Alicia Kilman is our Executive Director for the organization. She has a passion for music, philanthropy, and the performing arts. Once a troubled youth, Alicia aims to help change the lives of at risk youth through music education and programs that will help foster growth, development, and teach trade skills in the live venue industry such as stage production. Alicia earned her Bachelor's Degree in Business and has worked for Junior Achievement Big Bend, serving on the Marketing and PR committee and managing social media, creating content and, communications and Public relations. She also worked for Legal Services of North Florida in the Development Department, helping with outreach, soliciting donations and serving on event committees.



Marketing Committee, TLMC
IT, Department of Juvenile Justice

Born in Westchester, NY, Matt has lived in the Tristate area and Florida at different times throughout his life. By profession, Matt is an IT person by trade but a photographer in his my heart. Matt has worked on feature films, music, fashion, food and many other areas including volunteering with the Food Network on 3 episodes of Restaurant Impossible. Simply put, Matt enjoys being involved and takes pride in working with various organizations providing photos and videos of their amazing events. "If even one of my pictures inspires someone to take action and get involved, it was well worth any efforts".  "My involvement with TLMC is simple. As an employee of the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, I see the Youth going through the program and in the detention center. Arts and music provide a path to a potential future without limits. They are both languages without borders and can have the ability to touch everyone". Matt believes that the TLMC programs will offer an avenue for Youth in a bad situation a way to see they have options and he is proud to be a part of the program.



Marketing Committee, TLMC
CEO, Speed Promotions

Alan Speed aka "Speed" has been helping bring awareness about Tallahassee Live Music Community Charity Group since inception. Alan is marketing professional with over a decade of experience in networking, promotions and planning events such as Wake the City, Celebrating Black Music and Culture, and Unity the Community Annual Event. Alan hopes to facilitate valuable partnerships for TLMC, aiding in providing at-risk youth a chance to learn about music and production through the organization, and parnerships.

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